Color Palette

Aside from our mark, Charlotte Green is the next best identifier for a cohesive brand. As the only school in the UNC system using green our color palette is recognizable and iconic. In order to keep our brand consistent, it is important to use the exact Charlotte Green and the correct color system for different forms of communication.

Below you will find descriptions and use cases of the most popular color systems. Make sure to use the correct color system for your medium to keep color precise and consistent in all designs.

  • Spot Color: Primarily used for offset printing only and is ideal for stationery. This way, we can make sure that strict color consistency is followed across our various print products. Metallic gold can only be used as a spot color for special occasions.
  • CMYK: Primarily used for printing applications, and it is not one solid color. It is a method through which a combination of tiny transparent dots of four inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) are printed.
  • RGB: The most used color system in the digital world. RGB is associated with the rendering of onscreen colors by using combinations of red, green and blue.
  • HEX: HEX colors for onscreen purposes primarily in web design. A HEX color code is basically a shorthand for its RGB values with a few conversion workflows in between.

Primary Colors

The University’s school colors are green and white. For design purposes, our primary colors are Charlotte Green and Niner Gold. They represent UNC Charlotte at the highest level and should be present in all communications. These colors are supplemented by Metallic Gold (PMS® 10126) and White.

UNC Charlotte green

PMS®: 7484
CMYK: 92 8 75 58
RGB: 0 80 53
HEX: #005035

Niner Gold

PMS®: 7503
CMYK: 23 26 57 13
RGB: 164 150 101
HEX: #A49665

Quartz White

CMYK: 0 0 0 0
RGB: 255 255 255

Secondary colors

The secondary color palette takes inspiration from the environment around campus to support the brand. These colors are meant to be used to enhance and support the primary color palette.


PMS®: 7499
CMYK: 1 1 29 0
RGB: 241 230 178
HEX: #F1E6B2

Pine green

PMS®: 5773
CMYK: 38 22 59 18
RGB: 137 144 100
HEX: #899064

Clay Red

PMS®: 7624
CMYK: 4 91 74 48
RGB: 128 47 45
HEX: #802F2D

Sky Blue

PMS®: 322
CMYK: 100 0 39 33
RGB: 0 115 119
HEX: #007377

Ore Black - Charlotte secondary color

CMYK: 100 61 32 96
RGB: 16 24 32
HEX: #101820