Social Media Tone and Voice

  • Use “We” tone instead of “I” when communicating on behalf of a UNC Charlotte college or department.
    • Correct: We’re so excited to share some exciting news with you: the University Recreation Center was named best building in the state by XXXXX.
    • Incorrect: I’m so proud of the fantastic alumni named to the Charlotte ‘40 under 40’ list this year.
  • Consider the external user in your social media communications and if they are familiar with internal terms, phrases, or acronyms you may be using.
  • When using emojis, make sure to use the default skin tone option (yellow) that provides a neutral presence for the brand.
  • Replace “and” with ampersand (&) instead of plus (+) to save characters when necessary
  • Do not use common acronyms that describe emotions (e.g. LOL, ROFL, OMG, etc.) in copy.