Brand Personality

We are naturally ambitious, with a keen eye for opportunity and an endless desire to learn. To shape the future, we need to be bold, unwavering, and steadfast. With a like-minded community behind us, we’re in a unique position to drive progress. Fear is never an option.

We have a unique view into the challenges we face, both on a community and a global level. To solve these problems, we’ll need to develop creative, innovative solutions. But that doesn’t mean we have our heads in the clouds. We are equipped with the perspective that allows us to stay practical. The real world needs creativity that works, and we’re here to provide it.

At a rapidly-expanding institution, in the fastest-growing city in the country, we keep a keen eye on the future at all times. Innovation is vital to all of our success. That’s why we approach each day as a new chance to make an impact on the future. But what works today may not work tomorrow, so we focus on the big picture, with progress and shared successes as the ultimate gal.

We believe that when we work together, the potential for success is endless. In Charlotte, dedicated students, committed faculty and administration, and a welcoming community share a close-knit bond. Whatever the outcome, whatever our future holds, we’ll be working to shape it together.

It takes diverse perspectives from a variety of backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, and points of view to ensure we view an opportunity from every angle. We’re ready to address real-world issues and change the status quo, because that’s the only way to approach an equitable future. When you build inclusivity and empathy upon a collaborative foundation, you empower an entire university culture to make an impact.