The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has registered its names, initials, and logos (trademarks) as a means of protecting them from unauthorized use and abuse. Any individual or company desiring to apply any of the these on items must be licensed through CLC Collegiate Licensing Company. Please contact them at for information on how to obtain a license.

Prior to producing any product, University departments and affiliates (recognized clubs and organizations) are required to submit requests to utilize the University’s registered trademarks to the Office of Trademarks & Licensing (Auxiliary Services Office). The office is located in the Auxiliary Services Bldg (Room 146 A).

All logoed products must be produced by a University approved licensed vendor. To view or download a list of UNC Charlotte’s licensed vendors, please click here

Requests for approval generally fall into two categories; those that require royalty payments or those that are exempt of royalty payments

When are royalties required?

  • When the item is for resale.
  • When the item carries a commercial message, sponsor, or endorsement (regardless of size).
  • When the item is used as a promotional marketing device for a particular event.

When are royalties exempt?*

  • When the item (generally apparel) is restricted to members of a department or recognized club and is used as a “uniform.”
  • When the item is part of an all-campus event (i.e. Homecoming, Family Weekend, SOAR, Staff Recognition Week), does not carry commercial endorsements, distribution is not for profit and limited to members of the affiliate organization.

* only for items that are NOT sold

To ensure that you are using the University’s logos correctly, please contact Joanna Savold at or 704-687-7335.