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  • Branding is more than a logo. It’s the presentation of a coherent message and the promise of an institution.
  • Effective branding is consistent and pervasive, designed to demonstrate value, inspire loyalty and build trust.
  • Development of a clear brand provides consistent messaging that demonstrates an institution’s unique strengths and identity to spark a connection with specific audiences and distinguish itself from the competition. 
  • For UNC Charlotte, a focus on these strengths helps us build our reputation and attract students, faculty and staff, while engaging alumni, the broader community, donors and friends. 
  • Through surveys, interviews and focus groups, we learned most of the university’s audiences (prospective/current students and parents, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and the border community) do not have a clear understanding of UNC Charlotte’s brand. 
  • UNC Charlotte has developed a new strategic plan that includes goals around increasing our national and international reputation, elevating to a top-tier research university and increasing our rankings in US News and World Report.
  • In September 2021, UNC Charlotte will celebrate its 75th anniversary and inaugurate Chancellor Gaber during Founders Week (Sept. 20 – 25). 

A brand helps tell the story of an institution — it includes a brand promise, consistent messaging, personality, tone, colors, logo, fonts and an overall look and feel. As part of the brand rollout this fall, there will be a corresponding creative campaign that will bring the brand promise to life, both internally and externally.

The university will still be officially named The University of North Carolina at Charlotte or UNC Charlotte.

During this process, respondents were also asked about their thoughts on informal references (i.e., one to be used in conversation) for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Yes. The current crown logo will change.  When we reveal the new brand platform in August, a revised visual mark will be included.

Yes, based on the research and direction of the new brand, there will be several changes to the domain name, social media handles and emails. The new domain name will begin migrating on August 19, 2021.  However, the current web URL will redirect to the new one for at least a year.

Yes. We are currently developing a Brand Style Guide that will lay out the new brand standards and provide a framework and templates for how to integrate the new brand, logo and word marks into communication pieces including social media, web pages, emails, presentation templates and merchandising.

In addition, University Communications will host a Brand Summit on July 29 from noon – 5pm to share how we can build our brand together. Those who produce communications, flyers, edit websites, and promote the UNC Charlotte brand are invited. We will focus our efforts on brand positioning, telling our great stories, and implementing our branding tools to make a bigger impact today as we continue to work together on the strategic plan and brand strategy over the next year.  Check back as we develop the program, which will include a keynote speaker and various breakout sessions.


Yes. Charlotte will change its website URL from uncc.edu to charlotte.edu on Aug.19. Don’t worry, for the next year or so, users who use uncc.edu will be automatically redirected to the new URL.

Yes, but not right away. Email addresses are expected to change in late 2022.

The URL will automatically redirect to the new URL. We anticipate having a redirect available for some time to ensure a smooth transition.

You should only print/use the new URL after your site is changed to the new URL. View the domain name change timeline here.


No. The formal name of our University remains The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. UNC Charlotte is also appropriate. However, in conversation or in casual references, we are fully adopting “Charlotte.”

Yes! We are still part of the UNC System. We are proud to be part of a long tradition of educating students in North Carolina and beyond.

No. The University is now known informally as “Charlotte.” Our market research found that the UNCC reference caused confusion in our community and with prospective students.


  • Yes, slightly. Our official colors are still green and white (with gold accent)
  • The colors will change to match Athletics (darker green and gold palette). 
  • Primary and secondary colors are identified in the style guide.


Over the past year, Charlotte researched University perception from more than 5,000 individuals, including current and prospective students/parents, faculty, staff, alumni and key stakeholders.

It was clear through this research that our community responded positively and consistently to the All-in-C, which was designed by an alumnus. His design pays tribute to our trailblazing spirit.

The All-in-C represents the power to break new ground, the persistence to discover the unknown and the promise to build the future.

Yes. The move to one university-wide logo follows in the footsteps of other institutions such as the University of Michigan and Clemson University.

Like many universities, Charlotte identified itself with two logos — a crown and a separate Athletics logo.

Last year, Athletics debuted a new All-in-C logo, which features a block-style letter C with a pickaxe (used by Charlotte mascot Norm the Niner).

We have adopted the All-in-C logo for a cohesive identity across our University. Additionally, the new wordmark connected to the logo brings Charlotte to the forefront, and the UNC initials have been removed.

  • This will be a phased approach and we understand it will take several years to fully phase out the crown logo.
  • For items like stationery and business cards, please continue to use up your current stocks as normal.
  • When ordering new items after August 19, please use the new logo.

Use up old materials first; when you go to reorder, you should use the new logo. 


  • Don’t print any new items with the crown logo on it
  • Use up your existing crown logo letterhead/envelopes/business cards and wait until August to order more if possible.
  • After August 19, review your website to update any crown logos located throughout.

You can already find the All-in-C logo in many places on campus and online. And more updates are coming! It will take a while to completely transition to the new logo, but you can expect to see changes to campus signage and other items very soon.