Hashtags and Mottos

Hashtags on social media now serve varying purposes. Some hashtags are used to narrow down content on a specific topic, while others are used purely for branding purposes to tie messaging together or to weave a campaign message throughout multiple pieces of content.

General hashtag guidelines

  • Use Hump Case in all hashtags
    • Correct: #WearGreenWednesday, #Future49ers
    • Incorrect: #weargreenwednesday, #future49ers
  • Avoid adding additional words to existing university hashtags.
    • Correct: #Future49ers, #49erAlumni
    • Incorrect: #Future49ersOfCOED, #49erAlumniCOAA

University hashtags and context

  • When to use it: Exclusively for posts related to April 30th and should be employed at no other time.
  • Correct: Today, on the Xth anniversary of April 30, 2019, we remain #CharlotteStrong.
  • Incorrect: Our latest graduates are on their way to big and bright things ahead. #CharlotteStrong​
  • When to use it: Used exclusively for posts related to athletics.
  • Correct: Our Niners had a #GoldStandard performance this weekend in the XXXX Tournament!
  • Incorrect: Our #GoldStandard program in health and wellness was ranked 7th in the nation by XXXX.
  • When to use it: Used in content pertaining to alumni, including honors, events, and storytelling.
  • Correct: We are so proud of our newest #49erAlumni! The world is yours.
  • Incorrect: New Student Convocation is almost here. Can’t wait to see everyone there! #49erAlumni
  • When to use it: Used in content pertaining to admitted students or prospective students.
  • Correct: We can’t wait until our #Future49ers join Niner Nation soon. Here’s a list of packing items to keep in mind: LINK
  • Incorrect: It’s National Volunteer Week and you can get involved. Learn more here: LINK #Future49ers
  • When to use it: On Wednesdays to promote Niner pride.
  • When to use it: A replacement for ‘#UNCC’, #CLT can be used generally for branding purposes or for content pertaining to academic programming, events, or content in relation to the city of Charlotte.
  • Correct: Our program was ranked #4 in the state by XXXXX. #CLT

Event or campaign hashtags

Event-related hashtags should include a connection to the university.

  • When to use it: Used in relation to commencement content or commencement ceremonies taking place in the attached year. (i.e. 2021 = #49erGrad21)
  • When to use it: Used in relation to content pertaining to the incoming class of prospective or admitted students.
  • When to use it: Used on content pertaining to the Niner Nation Gives campaign, a yearly 49-hour fundraising event where campus units come together each April to maximize and promote pride and giving back to the university.
  • When to use it: Used in content promoting or pertaining to homecoming in the respective year.
  • Correct: #49erHC21(homecoming), #CharlotteDay1
  • Incorrect: #Homecoming, #Day1

Hashtags that should no longer be used

  • #UNCC
  • Hashtags from previous campaigns:
    • #StakeYourClaim
    • #WeAreAllNiners
  • Use of #NinerNation
    • When referring to ‘Niner Nation’, it’s best to refer to the community without using the hashtag, which is synonymous with the San Francisco 49ers and may or may not be accompanied with an icon of the SF logo during peak NFL times.